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Telekom Malaysia added 208k Unifi Fibre Broadband Customers in 3Q21

Telekom Malaysia (TM) reported its third quarter 2021 (3Q21) financial results yesterday. It registered 208k new Unifi Fibre Broadband subscriptions between July, August and September 2021.


The largest fixed broadband Telecommunication service provider in Malaysia now has a total of 2.69 million fixed broadband customers including unifi fibre and Streamyx, at the end of September 2021.

There are now 2.35 million unifi fibre broadband customers as of 3Q21 (vs 2.14 million in 2Q21) and just 342,000 Streamyx customers. Some 74,000 customers terminated their Streamyx subscriptions between July, August and September 2021.

ARPU for Unifi was lower at RM138 (-RM3) while Streamyx was at RM92 (+RM1) in 3Q21.

In a statement, TM said it recorded the highest increase in unifi subscribers for three consecutive quarters. In the quarter under review, TM said it registered an additional 210,000 new unifi subscribers in both the consumer and micro, small and medium sized enterprise (MSMEs) segments however it did not reveal the number of its unifi Mobile subscriber base. There are 375,000 MSME customers.

“This record-breaking growth is fuelled by high demand for connectivity and digitalisation tools which have become an important necessity. To deliver this demand, TM has been adding higher number of broadband ports and delivering a wider fibre network coverage,” adding that its household convergence penetration now stands at 69%.

YTD Sept 2021 Financial Highlights (vs YTD Sept 2020), according to Telekom Malaysia:

RM mn 2Q 2021 3Q 2021 QoQ 3Q 2020 YoY YTD 2020 YTD 2021 YTD
Revenue 2,762.9 2,803.3 1.5% 2,689.9 4.2% 7,839.0 8,375.9 6.8%
EBITDA 990.4 1,025.0 3.5% 1,029.4 -0.4% 2,901.0 3,180.6 9.6%
Normalised EBITDA 1,028.2 1,049.4 2.1% 1,043.2 0.6% 2,927.6 3,203.6 9.4%
Depreciation& Amortisation 602.8 587.5 -2.5% 573.2 2.5% 1,692.4 1,765.8 4.3%
EBIT 387.6 437.5 12.9% 456.2 -4.1% 1,208.6 1,414.8 17.1%
NormalisedEBIT 425.4 461.9 8.6% 470.0 -1.7% 1,235.2 1,437.8 16.4%
Net Finance Cost 89.5 72.2 -19.3% 97.6 -26.0% 277.3 306.8 10.6%
Profit Before Tax 293.1 352.7 20.3% 414.4 -14.9% 919.7 1,052.8 14.5%
PATAMI 218.5 271.3 24.2% 329.5 -17.7% 756.7 815.3 7.7%
NormalisedPATAMI 254.9 304.3 19.4% 288.9 5.3% 797.3 890.7 11.7%


  • Solid revenue growth, with a 6.8% increase to RM8.38 billion, from RM7.84 billion in the same period last year. This achievement is driven by revenue increase from all lines of products, particularly Internet services which saw a 6.8% increase on the back of steady growth in fixed broadband customer base.
  • Earnings Before Interest and Tax (EBIT) grew by 17.1% to RM1,414.8 million, from RM1,208.6 million as a result of revenue growth and continuous cost optimisation initiatives.
  • PATAMI increased by 7.7% to RM815.3 million compared to RM756.7 million, following sound operating profits.

Imri Mokhtar, Group Chief Executive Officer of Telekom Malaysia said, “Throughout 2021, we’ve focused our efforts to deliver digital connectivity and solutions in supporting the sustainability and recovery of our country. As a result, we are able to deliver another solid quarter of revenue and net profit growth.

Our next focus will be on delivering enhanced customer experience and strengthening our digital offerings across all customer segments in unifi, TM ONE and TM WHOLESALE,”

Moving forward, TM said that the Malaysia 5G rollout that has commenced under a Single Wholesale Network (SWN) model is expected to change Malaysia’s telecommunications industry. ‘TM shall continue to assess and review the impact on our future business operations and financial performance,” it said.

Kugan is the co-founder of MalaysianWireless. He has been observing the mobile industry since 2003. Connect with him on Twitter: @scamboy

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