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Yoodo 4G Service Disruption this morning due to “Planned Maintenance”

Yoodo, a mobile service from Celcom Axiata, experienced a service disruption for over 1 hour in the early hours this morning. Customers nationwide were not able to access Yoodo’s 4G services. Only the 2G networks were available.


MalaysianWireless observed the 4G service disruption on 9 November 2021, starting from 12.50am until 2.10am. The service disruption only affected Yoodo customers nationwide despite it shares the same 4G network with regular Celcom mobile customers, TuneTalk, redONE and other MVNOs.

Yoodo posted a tweet on its Twitter account at 2.45am saying that the data service may only affect customers in certain areas.


Following the tweet, Yoodo did not respond to customers who tweeted them or provide an update to its 4G network maintenance.

MalaysianWireless reached out to Yoodo and was provided the following statement, “There was a planned maintenance happening at the time that was projected to not impact our services. However our tech team was on hand to monitor the situation and as soon as we noticed the impact to our service, they worked quickly and resolved the issue right as the message update to our users was published.

Based on statement above, Yoodo did not reveal any further details on its “planned maintenance”.  Yoodo also did not comment on whether it notified customers and the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) prior to its “planned maintenance”. As per regulation, MCMC’s network standards require the Telcos to inform customers no less than 24 hours in advance of any network maintenance and no less than 72 hours to MCMC.

Below are some Facebook comments posted by customers affected by the Yoodo 4G network outage this morning. At the time of publishing this article around 9pm, the Yoodo customer service team did not respond to any of these Facebook comments.

  • Md Sapuan – Yoodoo down ni area Kulim, Kedah
  • Mohd.Fitri Alif Bin Mohd.Kasai – Melaka pun tak ada line..
  • Sham OutsideLine – Terengganu down!!!
  • Hazwan Hassan – Down down down down. Baru nak mula kerja
  • Kraisorn Lee – So nice totally line down for 1 hour! And yet the other line internet still down!!
  • Fikri Ibn Ab Malek – Pls compensate us!!
  • Fareez Fazreen Muhd – Yoodo kat banting/dengkil pun problem ni..aku igt kan member aku punya rumah xde line..rupanya masalah yoodoo.ngedog betul laa
  • Mohd.Fitri Alif Bin Mohd.Kasai – Fareez Fazreen Muhd tue lar pasal…igtkan line kat rumah problem…rupanya2 satu yoodo problem
  • Muhammad Faiz – if you do maintenance but nothing has changed, there is no need to make it really troublesome … I already have work to complete, suddenly there is no line
  • James Kan – It’s funny how a contest post on FB turn into a vent post on how poor the service is. Oh common yoodo – yoodo can duit better. Oh yes, how about a divorce from celcom and join the yellow fam?
  • Rizz Zhaffran – Bagy la notice ke ape ke orang nak buat kerja, u think people got time for this meh.. seriously this is the 3rd time with no notice given well done yoodo, tukar nama la boodo
  • Ng Siu Yee – Awesome! Suddenly totally no signal at all. Wow
  • Sundae Soon – Kuala Lumpur Setapak DOWN
  • Amri Haris – Aduhh… Line hilang tiba2
  • Master Feroz – May day may day may day SHAH ALAM downnnnn
  • Muhammad Arif Norizan – Kenapa tiba2 hilang woii line ni???
  • Muhammad Suhaimi – apehal pulak tibe2 takde line ni
  • Izwan Syahmi – yoodo tengah problem nk buat apa pon tak boleh

[Screenshot PDF1] – Comments posted on Yoodo Facebook page
[Screenshot PDF2] – Comments posted on Yoodo Community Forum

Update (10 November): Yoodo 4G services was down again for the second time at 12.50am. The company sent us the following statement, “There was an outage in the early hours of this morning that had impacted only data connectivity for a small portion of our users. Our tech team caught the issue quickly and resolved the outage right after.” No further explanation was provided for the outage.

Kugan is the co-founder of MalaysianWireless. He has been observing the mobile industry since 2003. Connect with him on Twitter: @scamboy

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