Tuesday, May 30, 2023

This is the Most Affordable Prepaid Plan at RM20/month for Unlimited Call & Data

With 5G expected to be commercially available soon in Malaysia, U Mobile introduces two new 5G-ready Prepaid U25 and U35 – currently the most affordable 5G-ready prepaid plans featuring Speed Booster, Unlimited Data and calls from RM20/month.


Exclusively available with the new 5G-ready prepaid SIM pack, one of the new unique features of the Prepaid U25 and U35 plans is the free daily 1-hour high speed booster – on top of unlimited data & calls. When customers need an extra speed boost for their Internet, all they need to do is redeem their daily free 1 hour via the MyUMobile app, and they will be able to enjoy the fastest speeds available to them, be it 4G or 5G when it is accessible.

The Prepaid U25 plan is now going for a promotional price of only RM20 monthly for unlimited data, making it the only prepaid plan in the market that offers unlimited data and calls at this super affordable price point.

Meanwhile for customers who require higher speeds for their daily usage, the Prepaid U35 plan costs RM35 monthly for unlimited data up to 6 Mbps and 3GB of free hotspot.

Both plans provide unlimited calls and are suitable for streaming, gaming and much more, providing the best value consumers.

Here’s a quick comparison between U Mobile and other prepaid plans out there:

Prepaid Plan U25 Telco D Telco H U35 Telco D Telco H Telco X
Monthly Price RM20 RM15 RM15 RM35 RM35 RM35 RM35
Data & Speed Unlimited 3Mbps 6GB 8GB Unlimited 6Mbps 30GB Unlimited 3Mbps Unlimited 3Mbps
Hotspot 3GB 3GB 3GB
Calls to All Networks Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Others Free 30 Hours of Speed Booster. 5G-Ready Unlimited Social excluding Whatsapp Free 30 Hours of Speed Booster. 5G-Ready Unlimited Social excluding Whatsapp


In a recent independent mobile experience report, U Mobile has taken the lead in 2 of the categories – Voice App Experience & Upload Speed Experience amongst all 7 categories, including 2nd place for Games Experience.

When it comes to the best voice experience in the country, U Mobile wins outright in Kedah, Pahang, Perlis and Terengganu; while also sharing the award with other operators in a further eight regions.

The reports also revealed that U Mobile has the fastest upload speed experience, winning this award with a 3 times streak, allowing users to quickly share high-resolution images and videos.

U Mobile has been making progressive improvements over the years – deemed as among the most improved telcos in 2020 – particularly for Video Experience, Download Speed Experience & Voice App Experience.

To purchase the new 5G-ready prepaid SIM Pack or more information on U25 and U35, visit this link for more details.


This article is brought to you by U Mobile

At U Mobile, we want to help our consumers realise their Unlimited Potential. We make it our business to constantly innovate so that we can create products and services that our consumers value most. With our continuing commitment to expand our 4G network and roll out 5G powered innovations in various sectors, we are in the position to deliver an enhanced network and customer experience that will add unlimited fun and freedom to our consumers’ lives.

Kugan is the co-founder of MalaysianWireless. He has been observing the mobile industry since 2003. Connect with him on Twitter: @scamboy

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