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TM blames Unifi Customers for Poor WiFi Experience, promotes Mesh Wifi at RM15/month [Commentary]

Telekom Malaysia (TM) says that unifi broadband customers are to be blamed for the poor Internet WiFi experience at home.

Telekom Malaysia (TM) head of Customer Experience, Lolitta Mohamed Suffian. Not the Perdana Menteri Malaysia.

Speaking at a talk show that was poorly produced, including audio issues, caption error and at least 3 failed attempts of playing a marketing video, Telekom Malaysia (TM) head of Customer Experience (Perdana Menteri Malaysia), Lolitta Mohamed Suffian claims that the poor WiFi experience is caused by either the location of broadband devices in the homes, or WiFi dead zones due to the layout of the house, or the number and types of devices connected to the WiFi.

The Bernama TV’s talk show, titled ‘Internet dan Anda’: Bagaimana Untuk Mendapatkan Sambungan WiFi Terbaik Di Rumah‘ was aired on Facebook, on 3rd August, in partnership with industry regulator, Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC).

Ms Lolitta, who was previously the Head of Customer Experience for BigPay and Grab, said customers should avoid placing the Wifi router near devices that produce electromagnetic interference, such as cordless phones, baby monitors or microwave ovens, or overlapping broadband equipment as this may cause the router to overheat and become less efficient.

To optimise the WiFi experience, Lolitta said that Unifi now offers a variety of mesh add-ons, based on customers’ lifestyle needs, from as low as RM15 per month, based on the number of devices used and the size of the home, according to Bernama in an article that was published following the talk show.

The Telekom Malaysia representative however, failed to mention during the talk show that the unifi broadband modem and routers are installed and configured by TM’s highly skilled technicians. Other facts that were not mentioned during the talk show include:

  1. Telekom Malaysia does not give customers the option to select a router or use their own Wifi router during the unifi broadband sign up process. Ms Lolitta said that her friend claims the router from TM is “Buruk”, indicating that it is a low quality router.
  2. All modem and WiFi routers are the property of Telekom Malaysia during the long 24-months contract period.
  3. Telekom Malaysia is the sole party responsible for educating their customers on Wifi dead zones and the location of the Wifi router, during the installation of unifi broadband.

In the spirit of spreading the marketing message from TM and in support of Bernama and MCMC, the video has been re-uploaded below.


Telekom Malaysia is the largest Internet service provider (ISP) in Malaysia with the most number of fixed broadband subscribers in the country.

MCMC said the Bernama talk show is one of its efforts to help the community better understand the issue of Internet connection.

Last month, the producer of the talk show, Mohd Hayrulnizuan Hanaffi said “Two-way interaction through comments and feedback received in the chat room (LiveChat) during the program’s live broadcast can prove that the JENDELA initiative is actually for the people,”

However, none of the viewers comments were entertained during the talk show, which was supposedly aired live.

Bernama is the exclusive, national news agency of the Government of Malaysia.

Article is being updated. 
This is a commentary. The views/comments/opinions expressed here are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the view of MalaysianWireless.

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