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You can now Enjoy Ultra-Fast 5G Speeds at No Extra Cost with U Mobile

With the recent launch of 5G services in Malaysia, you can now Discover What 5G Means to U and get access to ultra fast 5G experience at no extra cost with U Mobile.


Here’s what you can experience with the power of 5G:

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  • 10x to 100x Faster: Ultra-fast speeds so you can download and upload large data in no time.
  • 5x Quicker Response: Send and receive information more efficiently.
  • 1,000x More Connections: Bigger and stronger with one million connected devices per square kilometre.
  • 5x More Energy Efficient: Save more energy compared to earlier generations

Early this year, U Mobile launched the most affordable 5G-ready mobile plans in Malaysia starting from just RM25/month.

To celebrate the commercial launch of 5G, the Telco is introducing free Unlimited 5G Weekends for customers on Prepaid U35 and the newly launched Prepaid U40 plan.


U Mobile Prepaid U35 users can now enjoy an enhanced 5G experience with free Unlimited 5G Weekends. Subscribers can enjoy unlimited 4G/5G uncapped high speed data from midnight every Saturday and end at 11.59 PM every Sunday at no extra cost.

To enjoy Unlimited 5G Weekends, Prepaid U35 just need to redeem the pass weekly via the MyUMobile App.

Besides Prepaid U35, the free Unlimited 5G Weekends is also available with the newly launched Prepaid U40 plan. Priced at just RM40 monthly, Prepaid U40 not only offers customers unlimited data and unlimited calls, the new 5G prepaid plan also provides unlimited hotspot so customers can share their data across multiple devices.

Customers on selected U Mobile prepaid plans (such as U25, U35) may also purchase Unlimited Hotspot as an add-on at RM5 for 30 days.

For postpaid customers, a massive 1,000GB (1TB) of high-speed 4G/5G data is now available with the new U Postpaid 98 plan.

At just RM98, U Postpaid 98 customers can share their huge 1,000GB of high-speed data and unlimited calls with up to 6 family members for only RM38 per line, making it the most unbeatable family option in the market today.

The U Postpaid 68 plan is suitable for individuals looking for the best value. For only RM68 per month, customers get a whopping 100GB of high-speed 4G/5G data. They’ll also get to enjoy unbeatable savings on a new 5G device if they bundle it with U Postpaid 68 via U SaveMore.

The U Postpaid 38 postpaid plan is also available from RM38/month, with 30GB high-speed 4G/5G data and unlimited calls to all networks.

For more details on compatible 5G devices and to learn more about U Mobile 5G plans, visit this link.


This article is brought to you by U Mobile

At U Mobile, we want to help our consumers realise their Unlimited Potential. We make it our business to constantly innovate so that we can create products and services that our consumers value most. With our continuing commitment to expand our 4G network and roll out 5G powered innovations in various sectors, we are in the position to deliver an enhanced network and customer experience that will add unlimited fun and freedom to our consumers’ lives.

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