Friday, March 24, 2023

Telcos have until June 2023 to Resolve Service Quality Issues – Fahmi Fadzil

Telecommunication companies have until June 2023 to resolve service quality issues faced by consumers, says the new Communications and Digital Minister Fahmi Fadzil.


According to media reports, the Minister said there had been frequent public complaints about poor internet access in certain areas.

“There is an issue of in-building coverage because some users can only access the internet when they are outside the building. Once inside, the coverage drops. Certain equipment needs to be installed inside the building (to get the network) so there needs to be cooperation among telecommunications companies through MCMC on areas that should be prioritised.

“The quality of service on highways is also questionable while football fans have complained of lack of network coverage in certain stadiums,” reported Bernama.

“Users are penalised for late payments of telephone bills by having their lines disconnected, but when service quality is not up to the mark, telecommunications companies don’t get the flak,” he said.

He added that KKD (Communications and Digital Ministry) was also focusing on solving internet network problems, especially in three per cent of populated areas involving the interior and Orang Asli villages.

“For most telecommunication companies, the cost of installing fibre network in these areas is high and KKD is looking into several ways, including the use of satellite internet systems and other technologies, to solve the problem.

“This is very important because to me this three per cent, which covers 3,000 areas with a population of 50 to more than 100 people each, should be involved in the digital economy,” he said.

The article did not say what action will be taken if the issues were not resolved.

[link]– Bernama via TheEdgeMarkets

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