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Telekom Malaysia is the slowest Fixed Broadband Provider in Malaysia – Ookla

TIME dotCom remains the fastest fixed broadband provider for consumers in Malaysia according to the latest measurement data from global Internet speedtest company, Ookla.


Based on data for Q1, 2023 (January-March 2023), the median download speed experienced by TIME fibre broadband customers was the fastest in Malaysia at 107.56Mbps.

Fixed fibre broadband customers of Maxis also experienced faster median Internet speeds at 90.92Mbps, compared to Unifi customers of Telekom Malaysia.

The median download speed of Unifi broadband users was slowest at 87.39Mbps, based on the data released.


According to Ookla, TIME dotCom has the best fixed broadband network latency in the country at 9ms. The Median Multi-Server Latency test puts Maxis at second place at 13ms followed by Telekom Malaysia at a high 16ms.

A lower latency network offers a better Internet experience when it comes to online gaming and making VoIP/Video calls/conference such as Whatsapp/Skype/Zoom/Microsoft Teams, among others.


Data from Ookla showed that TIME has the highest quality of consumer broadband network in Malaysia with a consistency of 88.3% beating Maxis (85.9%) and Telekom Malaysia (84.4%).

Although with limited coverage, TIME is one of the most popular fixed broadband provider in Malaysia. Regionally, its fibre optic network assets span Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia – countries in which it has an established operational presence. TIME’s network extends beyond the region to deliver international connectivity via its stakes in subsea cable systems such as UNITY, FASTER, Asia Pacific Gateway (APG) and Asia-Africa-Europe-1 (AAE-1).

Meanwhile, Maxis is a major mobile service provider. The Internet service provider (ISP) is highly dependent on the high speed broadband (HSBB) network of Telekom Malaysia to offer its fixed and mobile broadband service. As of December 2022, Maxis had 587,000 Home Fibre broadband customers.

Telekom Malaysis is the largest fixed broadband provider in country with over 3 million customers. Although ranking slower than Maxis, it has the most connected Internet network in Malaysia with the largest access to 30 submarine cable systems owned and leased spanning more than 320,000km around the globe.

Ookla did not measure download speeds of fixed broadband customers from CelcomDigi, Astro Fibre, U Mobile, Allo and ViewQwest. However, similar to Maxis, most of these providers are heavily dependent on Telekom Malaysia HSBB network to offer its fixed and mobile broadband service.

[Source PDF] – Ookla

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