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Mobile security awareness still lacking, adoption is low

Mobile Security tools have been available in the market for years, but consumer awareness is still lacking and adoption has been low. In 2008, a software security company conducted a survey and they found out that 86 percent of the respondents  did not have security software installed on their handsets back then.

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Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 is out

Features of Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 (KMS9): Privacy Protection-With the touch of a button you can mark a contact as ‘private’, meaning that no trace of them will appear in contact lists, SMSs and call logs. Other people using your mobile will only see what you want them to see. Supports contacts from both the onboard memory and SIM cards ...

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Blackberry Users: Information on your device could be at risk!

If you are using a Blackberry for work or personal reasons, you should be cautious on what you do with it. No matter if it is a software upgrade from your mobile operator. Recently, late June last month, United Arab Emirates’ largest telecommunications operator Etisalat told its 145,000 BlackBerry customers to “upgrade” the software on their Blackberry devices by downloading ...

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Broadband for Better or Risk?

The recent WiMAX licensing should lead to many more of Malaysia’s communities gaining access to broadband for the first time, and takeup rates can be expected to increase significantly from the small percentage of the population using it now. But with the growth of broadband, broadband user security may well develop into a major business issue. Regardless of physical access ...

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Defend yourself againts Mobile Threats

We have seen too many viruses, malware, spyware, adwares targeted to PC users. We have also seen the impact of a virus/threat. It can do anything from destroying your PC, stealing your data, attacking other computers and can even make YOU unable to turn ON your own PC. Welcome to the Era of Mobile Virus There are currently few hundred ...

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