Celcom Axiata

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Customer Service: 1111 or +603 36308888

Email: [email protected]

Website: http://www.celcom.com.my/

Celcom Branch: http://www.celcom.com.my/celcomexec/locateus/branch_locator.php

Wikipedia- Celcom Axiata Berhad, DBA Celcom, is the oldest mobile telecommunications company in Malaysia. Celcom is one of a member of the Axiata group of companies. Being one of the very few companies in Malaysia to originally obtain a cellular phone license, it successfully introduced mobile telephony in Malaysia through its ART-900 (Automatic Radio Telephone) service, using first generation (analogue) ETACS (Extended Total Access Communication System) specifications of the United Kingdom, a derivative of the US-AMPS (Advanced Mobile Phone System) technology.

The ETACS ART-900 was started using the prefix “010”. Celcom now uses the dialling prefix identifier of “013” and “019” and offer digital GSM (Groupe Speciale Mobile), an originally European standard, now largely a world standard for mobile communications. The original frequency band for GSM is 900 MHz, and was soon extended to 1800 MHz to cater for a much wider bandwidth requirements.

Celcom’s 3G service was launched on May 17, 2005, in conjunction with the World Telecommunications Day.