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P2P: Yes or No?

Someone pose me a question on P2P (peer-to-peer), which some of it includes whether it is right for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to block P2P applications in their network. First of all, not all ISPs in Malaysia blocks P2P applications.P1 WiMAX P1 claims that it does not block P2P applications in its network. This is extremely true as I have ...

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Packet One WiMAX offering

Over the last few days, since Packet One launched its WiMAX service, a lot of people has been asking me whether it is worth subscribing or is the package too expensive? Here’s what I have to say. Given the scenario below, I hope you can find the answers. Scenario- P1 offers a cheap WiMAX broadband service and everyone will be ...

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P1 in PC Fair

If you live in around KLCC, Golden Triangle, Pekelliling, Setapak, Gombak, Seri Rampai, Sentul, Pudu, and some areas in Subang Jaya, register yourself for a free 14 days P1 WiMAX service now. P1 has decline to reveal any information on pricing, however, a reliable source claims that 4 packages will offered with speed ranging from 200Kbps to 2.4Mbps. A 1.2 ...

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P1 WiMAX user trial

“Be the 1st to test WiMAX“-that’s what the flyer below says. P1 is currently conducting user trials. If I am not wrong, the trial period is 14 days which after that the user can continue to subscribe the P1 WiMAX, of course, with a monthly fee. But I am not sure about the fee. There are no charge to try ...

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