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Spyware: Lenovo, ZTE Android smartphones may be collecting personal data without permission

Adups Spyware found in Android smartphones made by ZTE, Lenovo. It sends out personal information to China without user's permission.

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Spyware in 700 Million Android Smartphones secretly sends SMS to China every 72 hours

Some 700 million Android smartphones are transmitting phone data to a Chinese server without permission.The spyware is created by Shanghai Adups Technology.

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Stagefright flaw pose serious threat to Android users

Fortinet is warning Malaysian users that a critical vulnerability found in the Android operating system could allow hackers to gain access to their mobile devices with a single multimedia message. Described as “one of the worst ever Android vulnerabilities discovered to date”, Stagefright allows phone hack just by receiving a malicious MMS. What’s most alarming is that the victim does ...

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New Android Vulnerability Affects 99% of Devices

The new vulnerability in Android phones, codenamed ‘Master Key’, allows installed apps to be modified without its user awareness. Existed since Android 1.6, it affects 99% of Android devices or potentially up to 900 million smartphones. The vulnerability was first publicly disclosed by the Jeff Forristal, CTO of Blubox. It allows cybercriminals to inject malicious code into legitimate apps without ...

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Android 2.1 & earlier versions are vulnerable to web attack

This post is contributed by AntiVirus365.net You might want to be careful the next time you visit an unknown website on your Android mobile device. A computer security researcher has discovered a bug that could be used to attack some versions of Google’s Android device over the internet. According to M.J. Keith, a security researcher with Alert Logic, the attack ...

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