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Malaysia wouldn’t need WiMAX laptops, for now

Note: I’m not against P1 or Intel, they are great companies with great people. I just think think that it could be more than just WiMAX laptops and this article is my opinion. As most of you probably know, P1 & Intel will be launching a range of WiIMAX laptops. The launch is taking place later today at  Sunway Resort ...

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P1 and Intel Malaysia to announce WiMAX Laptops

P1 and Intel Malaysia will soon announce a range of laptops from a number of “major brands” next week. If you could still remember the WiMAX-embedded netbook that P1 showcased back in February 2010(pic below), its a device without an Intel WiMAX Chipset inside which P1 and Green Packet “tried” developing, but latter decided to “kill” it.

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