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There are now 4,416 LTE devices, including 2,706 smartphones globally

There are now 4,416 LTE devices globally, including 2,706 smartphones according to the latest GSA Status of the LTE Ecosystem report.

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P1 domestic roaming on Celcom 3G network, Celcom to offer HSBB Fiber [Exclusive Insider]

TM-P1 4G LTE customers will soon be able to roam on Celcom's 3G network, thanks to a new domestic roaming agreement.

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Over 3,253 4G LTE devices now available in the global market

The total of 4G LTE user devices have now reached 3,253 according to the latest report by GSA (Global mobile Suppliers Association) in June 2015. There are 305 companies that manufacture these devices. The report covers LTE FDD and TDD (TD-LTE) devices.

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393 mobile operators have launched 4G LTE in 138 countries

As of April 9 (2015), 393 operators have commercially launched 4G LTE service in 138 countries, according to data released by GSA (Global mobile Suppliers Association) in the latest update of the Evolution to LTE report. There were 497 million 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) subscriptions worldwide as of 2014. GSA raised its year-end forecast to 460 commercially launched 4G ...

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2,646 4G LTE devices now available in the global market

The GSA (Global mobile Suppliers Association) has confirmed that 1,275 new 4G LTE-enabled user devices have been launched over the past year (2014), raising the total ecosystem to 2,646 4G LTE devices (93% annual growth). LTE, also known as Long Term-Evolution or 4G LTE, is a wireless technology that is able to offer download speeds up to 300Mbps or faster.

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