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Astro partners Telekom Malaysia (TM) to offer Broadband Services via HSBB


ASTRO collaborates with Telekom Malaysia (TM) allowing ASTRO to offer Broadband & IPTV service to customers nationwide via the HSBB network.

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Unifi & Streamyx still expensive, HSBB failure, things TM should do in 2016 [Comment]

Commentary on expensive Streamyx, Unifi pricing in Malaysia, failure of HSBB and things TM should do in 2016.

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Formis partners with TM for HSBB

Formis Development Sdn Bhd (Formis) has signed a 3-year service agreement agreement with Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) for HSBB service. ...

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Maxis signs 10-year agreement with TM to use HSBB(Access)

Maxis and TM today signed a landmark 10-year agreement for TM to provide HSBB (Access) Services to Maxis. Press release ...

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TM to charge RM200 for UniFi installation

When UniFi was launched in March 2010, TM gave free usage to those who subscribed the service till the end ...

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TM UniFi now available in 18 more areas

TM’s High Speed Broadband (HSBB) service or known as UniFi, has been expanded to an additional 18 areas. Some of ...

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Maxis to use TM’s HSBB for FTTH and IPTV

Maxis said that it will use TM’s HSBB to soft-launch FTTH and IPTV services in 3rd Quarter. The mobile operator ...

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1,700 customers on UniFi, up to RM300 million allocated for TM’s IPTV

RM300 million is not much especially when compared to what ASTRO and Media Prima are spending, but it is a ...

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Ericsson comments on HSBB

Here’s an interview between a friend of mine from Ericsson, Sebastian Barros commenting on TM’s newly launched HSBB service- UniFi. ...

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